Thursday, June 21, 2007

Don't complain (like THAT'S going to happen)

The input on automobile industry was helpful, and I thank all of you for your input, regardless of how sarcastic or short sighted one of the contributors was. I guess all I have to say to conclude is this: If you are unwilling to put any effort into fixing a problem, make sure you're not complaining about its repercussions.

Repercussions...hmmm. Much is made of celebrities getting special treatment. I agree that this is happening, and famous people all over the world get treated differently than us commoners. However, I think the bar needs to be raised all the way around. Even most bitter blogging rivals would agree that personal responsibility is at a pitiful low in this country.

Yes, I have an example. One of my co-workers in contemplating filing for bankruptcy. She doesn't own a company, her job did not get moved oversees. She got divorced a few years ago and forgot to consider that her income might be lower now that she is by herself. So instead of cutting down on fast food (eats out every day), concerts and events (going to Kenny Chesney tonight, Eric Clapton whenever) and trips to Walmart for piles of crap, she decides that it is time to file for bankruptcy.

Do I admit that there are times when bankruptcy is justified for an individual? You're expecting me to say yes by the way the question is asked. However, I would need some pretty dire circumstances to accept that...and things should be done on a payment plan, not completely wiped clean. Sure, a clean slate would be nice, but why should you be forgiven thousands of dollars for saying oops? I am reminded of Denis Leary's rant about rehab. Go on a six month bender, all sorts of drugs, beat my kids, crash my car (Paris? Lohan?)...then go into rehab, come out and be on the cover of People smiling with the headline "SORRY", and all is forgiven. Bankruptcy is the same thing, except instead of coke and booze, it's shoes, clothes and cell phone accessories. Get a grip people, credit cards are not toys.

Yes, I have overspent my income at times. Yes, I have made some dumb decisions. I have never run to Uncle Sam to save me, however. I only jumped out of what my own parachute could save me from.

Anyone know if personal bankruptcy is popular oversees? I'm too lazy to do research on this one.


MCO said...

You are a bit to much of a slave to spellcheck. I think you mean "overseas" (twice by the way).

While I wholeheartedly agree with personal responsibility and I was one of the few people who admitted they were glad when the rules around personal bankruptcy were tightened, it is not a clean slate.

Your friend should seriously consider the implications. A claim of bankruptcy will stain their credit report like a marriage to K-Fed for the next 7-10 years. Plus, she may be required to pay back much of the money. A judge may enforce substantial liens against her income and even some assets.

The newer laws have really made this a last resort. If there is any reasonable way to get around it, I suggest she seriously consider it. She will thank you for the next 10 years.

That Guy said...

Man does this this autocorrect or something? I can't believe I would type that, but who knows, I am living the Office Space life these days. Can someone get me a memo about the TPS coversheets?

MCO said...

So after furiously publishing so much in June, you've decided to take July off?!?