Friday, August 17, 2007

Show me the issues!

I think it's time to start a grassroots campaign. No, I'm not running for president, don't worry. What I want to see though is more debates, more discussion, more discovery. It has become apparent that the country is losing touch with its own problems. Unless we have a reality show telling us about an epidemic (The Biggest Loser attacking obesity), we are simply unaware. It's time to get a fresh, hip TV show to educate people about what is going on in this country.

At least one of my readers (Dude, you have more than one reader? I don't think so. And you don't count!) will probably say that this is very idealistic and not very realistic. Well maybe, but I am volunteering myself. I am officially tossing my hat into the ring of potential TV talk show hosts. Now all I need is a network, a co-host, and some guests. I'll get right on that. I plan to continue the movement that people like Jon Stewart started, but have an even wider array of discussion topics. We're not just talking politics here (though it will find it's way in a lot), we're talking about the issues facing real Amerkans (obligatory Bush jab).

So if any of you have strings you can pull with any television stations let me know. Public Access here I come!

Monday, August 13, 2007

You're not the boss of me now

So one of my co-workers quit over the weekend. No notice, he just found another job and turned his his key here. My boss admittedly "didn't like him" and she made it show. So he left.

So now we're down a person, and bosslady is scrambling to find someone to replace him. The problem is, she has no sales experience, and we are essentially sales people. This is just another example of people sticking around long enough to be promoted.

My question is this: How do we tell my boss's boss that she is killing office morale and making people leave? He's the president of the company and doesn't have his hands in too much of the operations, he just hangs around long enough to make sure we're making money and then heads off to the golf course.

I'd rather keep my job until I find something else, so as much as my leaving would make a statement, I can't really do that right now. Feel free to share any stories of workplace drama in your responses.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Back with a vengeance...Another interactive blog

So on my way home Monday night, it was rainy and darker than usual for 7:15 pm. So I started counting.In my 16 minute ride home, I counted 13 cars without their headlights on and one person wearing all black, walking with traffic instead of against. This annoys me. Granted, New York State has way too many laws, but the headlights on while using windshield wipers is a good one. There were definitely some cars I didn't see right away, and could have potentially caused problems. So once again, I make a lists of things to watch out for. I'll be (mildly) less obnoxious about it this time, but here are a list of things that really annoy me on the road and many times cause me to react. Sure, you may not have caused an accident by doing it, but had I already been in a dangerous situation, you could have been putting us over the top.1) Rain safety: Turn your headlights on, I can see you easier. Drop your speed a couple MPH, but I will have to slam on the brakes if you are going 15 mph under. Cautious is good, overcautious is DANGEROUS. Also, AWD gives you traction, but has no bearing on how fast you stop. Mercedes SUV drivers, back the fuck off.2) Lane changing: I don't care how many cars are around you, use your signal. The more I know about what the cars around me are doing, the better I can drive. Think ahead, change lanes before you are cutting people off to get where you need to go. Your emergency should not be my headache. Which leads into...3) Construction zones: You know a lane is going to end soon. We all want to get where we are going, so please don't feel that you are important enough to fly by in the closing lane and cut in at the last minute. Please also to not expect me to let you in just because your lane is ending all of a sudden. You could have made the decision a half mile ago when the signs told you that the lane was ending.4) Left lane usage: I have had an argument with at least one person reading this about this one. KEEP RIGHT EXCEPT TO FUCKING PASS. You do NOT have a right to be in the left lane, that's what the RIGHT lane is for. The left lane is the bonus lane. Do your business and get the hell back out. NOW. Also, if the car in front of you is cruising at 65 and your cruise is set at 66, either use some gas to pass them or back the cruise off and draft. No highway pass should take 5 minutes, and I work at a tractor-trailer school. Even our guys are quick and to the point about it.5) Phone usage: Another thing that has a law on the books in NYS. However, I believe that if you can be trusted to use your phone in the car responsibly, do so...but if I see you weaving and varying speak dramatically, I have every right to flip you off and yell at you. Maybe that's a good use for old cell phones, throw them at the people who drive retarded because they are on the phone.OK, that's my top 5, with more to be added I'm sure. This is a dynamic model, so PLEASE add yours as well. Who knows, I could be doing something stupid that I don't know until you point it out. I'm sure someone on here will learn something.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Don't complain (like THAT'S going to happen)

The input on automobile industry was helpful, and I thank all of you for your input, regardless of how sarcastic or short sighted one of the contributors was. I guess all I have to say to conclude is this: If you are unwilling to put any effort into fixing a problem, make sure you're not complaining about its repercussions.

Repercussions...hmmm. Much is made of celebrities getting special treatment. I agree that this is happening, and famous people all over the world get treated differently than us commoners. However, I think the bar needs to be raised all the way around. Even most bitter blogging rivals would agree that personal responsibility is at a pitiful low in this country.

Yes, I have an example. One of my co-workers in contemplating filing for bankruptcy. She doesn't own a company, her job did not get moved oversees. She got divorced a few years ago and forgot to consider that her income might be lower now that she is by herself. So instead of cutting down on fast food (eats out every day), concerts and events (going to Kenny Chesney tonight, Eric Clapton whenever) and trips to Walmart for piles of crap, she decides that it is time to file for bankruptcy.

Do I admit that there are times when bankruptcy is justified for an individual? You're expecting me to say yes by the way the question is asked. However, I would need some pretty dire circumstances to accept that...and things should be done on a payment plan, not completely wiped clean. Sure, a clean slate would be nice, but why should you be forgiven thousands of dollars for saying oops? I am reminded of Denis Leary's rant about rehab. Go on a six month bender, all sorts of drugs, beat my kids, crash my car (Paris? Lohan?)...then go into rehab, come out and be on the cover of People smiling with the headline "SORRY", and all is forgiven. Bankruptcy is the same thing, except instead of coke and booze, it's shoes, clothes and cell phone accessories. Get a grip people, credit cards are not toys.

Yes, I have overspent my income at times. Yes, I have made some dumb decisions. I have never run to Uncle Sam to save me, however. I only jumped out of what my own parachute could save me from.

Anyone know if personal bankruptcy is popular oversees? I'm too lazy to do research on this one.

Monday, June 18, 2007

NEGATIVEly Affected

I know that very few people actually read this blog, but I'm going to do a participatory exercise anyway. It seems to me that this country has taken to dogging its automakers to the point that they don't even have any reasons anymore, they just do it out of habit. Personally, I'm a Chevy guy and have been very happy with all of the vehicles I have owned. My wife now has a Pontiac and is very happy with it.
Yes, I admit that there is a chance that we are in the minority, but we have had limited problems with our vehicles that are tied to anything other than our own stupidity. I want to know just how rare we are.

So here's the exercise: Please list the vehicles you have owned in the last 10 years. Briefly describe to me the situation (new, used, bought, leased, gramma drove it before I did, etc), and then tell me how it went. This exercise will take a few minutes, but please bare with me.

Hopefully for all of you American haters out there, you can prove me wrong and show me that American cars suck. More likely, I will show you how much you don't really know what you're bitching about.

I'll start off:
1990 Chevy S-10 pickup (Extended Cab, 4WD). Had a rust problem that stemmed from the plastic fender flares, but accepted every beating I gave it. Got me back and forth to Potsdam a couple dozen times and even beat a V-6 Mustang in a race down Western Ave in Albany. I sold it in 2001 with 120k miles on it for $400 (needed new front brakes at the time). I saw it two years later with some recent body work still putting around Potsdam. The AC was empty and I broke the lever that allowed me to have anything but hot air in the cabin, but those were both mostly my fault.

2002 Chevy Blazer (2-door, 4WD) Bought it brand new, actually ordered it from the factory. Had 3 miles on it. Within the warranty period, it had some issues with the distributor that needed to be fixed. The last of which was technically outside of the warranty period, but since it was related to the other issues they graciously fixed it at no cost to me. Since then, I had to have the 4 wheel drive module moved once because it was getting wet during heavy rains and causing some problems. Other than that, we've made a few dozen trips to Potsdam from Rochester and Albany together, and with the sub that my brother gave me as a college graduation present, it keeps me running all winter long. It's a great compromise between car and truck, but yeah, it might be nice to get a little better gas mileage. Just turned 80,000 miles.

1999 Chevy Camaro SS Convertible (2-door, RWD) This is the second best decision I ever made. Marrying Lisa is of course number 1, and going away to Clarkson is a close third. I bought Camy used, it had 27,500 miles on it when I bought it (yes another cute 7/25-related number) from a pansy down in CT. He was having a baby soon and they were no longer going to be able to afford the payments on the car on top of the kid and their overpriced townhouse by the very fishy-smelling water. I gladly took her off his hands and brought it to NY. This is another vehicle that I have given some abuse, mostly because it has a 320 hp V8 and I have a heavy right foot. I had to replace part of the liner to the convertible top because it was leaking into the trunk, but that way a couple hundred dollars and has been great ever since. I did have a creature make a nest in the engine compartment and had to replace some ignition wires, but that's hardly GMs fault. I made sure to keep it on the driveway this winter and put some traps out just in case. I've had some brake work done, but the way I drive, that's not surprising. Camy has about 55,000 miles on her now and is sitting out in the parking lot just waiting for me to fire her up again. I get about 23 miles to the gallon overall, close to 30 highway with the 6 speed manual. 6th gear cuts the rpms to about 1700 at 75 mph, but still leaves me with enough acceleration to get out of the way if I need it.

So there are my stories. Each vehicle has had it's little things, but certainly nothing worth crying home to mom about. The other point to mention, these vehicles have all been FUN TO DRIVE, which is a lot more than I can say for most imports that I have driven.

Thanks for listening, and I look forward to your stories.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Another long layoff

So what brings me out of my hibernation?
Paris Hilton.
Not because I think she is hot, because frankly I do not. I am here only to applaud the judge in the case for making her go to jail. Although she got a far softer sentence than most people would for doing what she did, he stuck to his guns and made her go to jail. Let this be a lesson to all you Hollywood stars: Every once in a great while, a judge will give you what you deserve. Are you willing to play Russian roulette with the judicial system?

On a side note, congratulations to the Anaheim Ducks (ironic that they take the "mighty" out of their name and they become the most mighty team in all the land) for winning the Stanley Cup. A special shout goes out to Clarkson alumni Todd Marchant and Kent Huskins, who were on the winning team. This makes 3 years in a row that Clarkson has been represented in the finals, and two in a row that they have won. Hey Cornell, RPI, and other annoying red schools: how many do you have?

Note: Andy MacDonald doesn't count, Colgate is maroon and not nearly as cocky and annoying

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Since then

Wow, that last post was a long one, no wonder no one commented! Or is it just that you're all too afraid to take a stand on racially-charged issues? Anyway, I move on...

So there has been lots of press about the shootings at Virginia Tech. Now it's time for the anti-gun advocates to come out of the woodwork to blame this on the gun industry. Are you serious people? For the last time, guns don't kill people, PEOPLE kill people. This was once MESSED UP individual. If you want to blame anyone, blame the people who didn't put him in a padded cell after they were warned of what he was writing about.

Guns will always be around. The more you try to ban them, the more they will go underground and more people will die trying to buy and sell them. That said, is it necessary for everyday citizens to have fully-automatic assault rifles? Probably not. How about this, if you want to buy one, you have to register yourself like a sex offender. That way everyone in your neighborhood will know that you own one and will make sure that they don't piss you off. If you buy more than one, you will have to register again. Or maybe we build a wall around Montana and let anyone who wants to have high powered weapons live there? Make it a Survivor, like what the commercials in Grand Theft Auto 3 talked about. A whole ton of guns, let everyone seek each other out, and the winner gets to be governor. Sure, you'll have trouble trying to get more people to move into your state, but you'd get to won all the guns you want! After all, it's your constitutional right!

Monday, April 23, 2007


Are you ok? You've been gone for almost two weeks!
Not that much has been going on, other than Don Imus and Virginia Tech. Two separate incidents, and even I'm not obnoxious enough to tie them to each other. I'm going to leave the Virginia Tech massacre as a terrible tragedy. Some other time I might get into identifying crazy people and sequestering them to protective custody.

Today, we are going to talk about racism. Yes, I said it.

I start by saying yes, absolutely, there are lots of racist people in this world. Don Imus may in fact be one of these. However, we need to talk about another racist: Reverend Al Sharpton. He has been poisoning your TV and your mind for years. People like Al Sharpton make racism worse.

Think about it: If the owner of a store that shop at comes out and start annoying the shit out of you, you are less likely to shop there right? You might even utter something like "That place sucks, their owner is a dumbass".
Let's morph it to sports. Let's say you meet Derek Jeter in person, and he's a prick to you. Maybe he is hanging out with other teammates. Even though he was the only one mean to you, it's reasonable for you to say "The Yankees suck. They are a bunch of arrogant bastards."
If you are familiar with my insane thought process, you know where I'm going with this. Al Sharpton makes the black community (I hate the term African-American, how many of them still have any ties to Africa? Or even care? Am I a British-German-Irish-American? NO!) look BAD. He is a fat, obnoxious person who seems to think he speaks for all black people. I am quite sure that he doesn't. He is making assumptions and claims that he feels are best for "his people" when in fact he is doing more harm than good. Surprisingly, Jesse Jackson has kept relatively quiet on this issue. Maybe he is smart enough to know when to keep quiet, or he just sees what a jackass Big Al is making of himself.

Now let's move to the "harmful language" in question. Don Imus referred to the Rutgers women's basketball team as "nappy-headed hos". The funniest part about this debate is that according to Sharpton, being called a "ho" isn't nearly as bad as being called "nappy-headed", because the latter is (to him) a racial slur. He of course cannot attack calling a woman a "ho", because he would be attacking THE ENTIRE HIP-HOP INDUSTRY, which employs a big old pile of black dudes. Hm, so now ho is OK, but nappy-headed isn't. Interesting logic.

I think what I'm getting at here is that Al Sharpton is taking the Fox News approach to racism. Instead of suggesting a solution, he decides to SENSATIONALIZE the situation, all while claiming a "fair and balanced"-style approach.

As for Mr. Imus, I call him a pussy. If he thought about it, he would know he's getting fired either way. So why lower yourself to apologize? Stick to your guns of free speech and being opinionated and run with it. If nothing else, you'll be guaranteed a show on satellite radio. Instead, he apologized and fed Al Sharpton's fire. By backing down, he has made other radio shows both scared and completely under the microscope.

Ugh, I'm so sick of this crap. Here's the deal: There are still plenty of racist people in the world. If they are ignored, they will go away like the bullies that they are. Any time anyone drops the "N word" around me, I tend to ignore it and ignore them when possible. Just like when you were in elementary school, if you ignore them they will go away. Then we just wait for the racist generation (baby-boomers and their elders) to die off and we'll be OK.

However, if the "gangsta" mentality that all white people are bad continues, we will be right back where we started. Can't we all just get along?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Bigger Deficit

A lot has been made about the spending of the Bush Administration. I agree, it sucks, he sucks, and we'll be paying for his mistakes for decades to come. However, he's the president and there's not much we can do about his spending. We have to wait till 2008 and get someone in office who cares more about our economy than blowing shit up across the globe.

Here's a deficit we can do something about: the trade deficit. We are grossly out of proportion when it comes to the number and dollar amount on what we import versus what we export. What can you do about it? Buy American. I know it's not always easy, but every little bit helps. There are even web sites that can help you, like the aptly titled .

So here's the deal. If you bitch one more time about how much our economy sucks and I see you driving a fucking HONDA, I am going to smack you. The three biggest ticket items that I see making a difference: Electronics, cars, and other motored devices. I separate cars from motored devices for a reason. Cars are a very emotional purchase. Please become emotional about an American car company. Find someone you know who works for one, be their friend, and then try to buy a foreign car. They won't like you, and I don't blame them(Yes, MCO and others, the American auto industry and its unions have hurt themselves plenty, but we can still do our part).
So on to other motored devices: You don't think as much about nationality when it comes to lawn mowers, weed whackers, or even motor cycles. These are still very important pieces of the retail world and need to be taken seriously. Plus, you look like an idiot on your Japanese crotch rocket anyway, buy yourself a Harley, it even comes with a free bottle of testosterone.
Electronics is a harder one. There are thousands of components manufacturers and it's hard to figure out who makes what, but some of the choices are obvious. I live in Rochester, NY, so the Kodak vs. Canon or Sony debate is a simple one for me, though even some young Kodak employees don't obey this one (yes Kodak is another example of making their own problems, but once again we can help a little at least).

Bottom line: look at your labels and try to do some research. Sure Honda makes dependable (boring), fuel-efficient (slow) cars, but they are part of the reason the American economy is as slow as it is today. And for people like Dr. Harry Binswanger over at the Ayn Rand Institute (I'm not making that name up: ) you have a point, but if we set aside our love for capitalism (which is hard for me to do) for a moment and help our American companies compete, we will all be better off.

Go ahead, flame away Honda lovers and Union haters, I know it's coming...

Friday, April 6, 2007

LSP III - Drivers

Yup, it's time to let you know how badly you drive. It seems that lately I don't get through a day without yelling at someone on the road. It's not road rage, it's utter frustration with other people not understanding some basic concepts:

The directional signal was installed for a reason, SO PLEASE USE IT. This is supposedly everyone's pet peeve, but people still make lane chages and turns with no signal at all? Sure, I forget every once in a while, but that's usually only at intersections when I'm in a turn only lane so I don't really have a choice.

Directional signal leads into another one: Using your directional signal does not require me to let you in. Scenario: you're in the left lane, your exit is approaching, traffic is bumper to bumper, and you need to get over. Sure, I will do my best to accommodate you, but if you just cut me off a few miles back, I am not letting you in. Plan ahead next time. This also applies for the "oops my lane is ending, I need yours". If you didn't know the lane was ending, that's your fault, not mine. Stay there until it's safe to merge.

Ooh, merging, another great topic! Although I have stated that I am not obligated to allow you to change lanes at will, I am bound by common sense to move over a lane when I am approaching a busy on-ramp. Don't know if the on-ramp is going to be busy? Move over just in case.

More about lanes-know your lanes and what they mean. There is a law on the books in most (if not all) states that says very simply "KEEP RIGHT EXCEPT TO PASS". Let's make a simple connection in your head: You have the RIGHT to be in the RIGHT lane at all times. The LEFT lane if for LEADFOOTS. There, easy enough? While you're at it, make sure you are at least APPROACHING the speed limit when you drive. I am sick of traveling 40 mph in a 55. Every time I catch some fat sweaty moron or preoccupied soccer mom in the left lane or tooling alone on a two-lane road well underspeed, I want to shoot out a tire or two. I have been know to pass them aggressively and cut in front of them to get my point across. Unfortunately, these people are many times too oblivious to get it.

Speaking of soccer moms (and dads), here's another problem. There are too many people buying minivans today. They are big and bloated, usually underpowered, and not all that safe for their passengers. Sure they may have "five star crash test ratings", but that's when they are on a track in a testing facility, not with a soccer parent behind the wheel. How many people do you know who have gone directly from their cute little Volkswagen Cabriolet to a minivan with no thought at all? Hm, you think they might handle a little differently? I propose further division of the driver's license. Sure we have commercial classes, but we should have passenger classes as well. Classes A through E are already used, and we'll keep D for the larger passenger vehicles. The new Class F will be for Fucking retarded people who will be allowed to drive a car that is no more than 4 cylinders and 150 hp, holds no more than 4 people, and weighs no more than 3000 pounds. If you want to maintain the current class D license, you must take a road test on something that fits the larger criteria. Sorry Tiffany/Britney/othergenericditzyname, you, your kid, and your babydaddy all need to fit in the Neon, and no SRT package for you.

So mentioning road tests brings up another point: We allow our citizens to drive a car their entire lifetime with only ONE driver's test. This is ridiculous. I propose driver's tests every 10 years at the most, preferably every 5. This will allow us to weed out some of the morons and many of the old people who should barely be operating a walker, let alone a 2 ton+ Lincoln Town Crap. The AARP will have a fit, but we really need to stop listening to them. They are painfully old and annoying. More on that over at

So ladies and gentlemen, the next time you get on the road, please think of me. I represent competent drivers who feel that the world would be a better place if more people paid attention to their driving skills. Learn the roads, know your vehicle and its limits. There are so many other things I could get into ("Just because you have an SUV, it's doesn't make you invulnerable", "Keep backing up, you have 20 feet before you hit anything and your 10-point turn is KILLING me") but for now this will do. In summary: LEARN HOW TO FUCKING DRIVE!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

LSP Volume II

Next topic to tackle: Grammar. I am told that English is one of the hardest languages for foreigners to learn because of the amount of irregular verbs and colloquialisms that have made it into mainstream language. That aside, if you were born here, you should know the language.

As far as I am concerned, you should head back to Elementary School (also sometimes called "Grammar School" for a reason) if you have trouble with the following things:

There, Their and They're. These are three COMPLETELY different words, and should be treated as such.

Your and You're. Not as confusing as the last one, but still should be taken seriously.

My personal favorite: Comming. Not every word requires you to double the the last letter when adding "ing"
See also: I before E except after C. Catchy phrase, and gets you out of trouble in situations like receive. I know you love the ieve words, but not this time pal!
Lastly, I will touch on the or friend '. When you are playing Go Fish and want to ask someone if they have any of the number 7, you don't need an apostrophe. It's not "7's", it's "7s". You are not selling me "Hyundai's", you are selling me crap...I mean Hyundais. Another complication, OMG, what if it ends in S already??? My last name is Jeffers, if there are two of us, we are Jefferses, NOT Jeffers's. However, if something belongs to us, how do you spell that???

OK, I am off on a tangent. My point remains that grammar is good for you. If you use poor grammar, I have every right to deny you a job, stop being your friend, and/or openly ridicule you in public. Parents, teach your fat, lazy, Ritalin-laced children some grammar, or their may be a day were are kids d'ohnt no whut there even saying.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Lazy Stupid People, Volume I

Sit down and strap yourself in, this is the one you have been waiting for. Stupid and lazy people beware.

I'm really getting sick of the attitude of the residents of this country. No, not every one, but too many stupid ideas are becoming universally accepted. This is the first in a series.

Let's start with one that will anger lots of readers: fat people. You're not overweight, you're not undertall, you're not thyroidally challenged. You are FAT. Sure there are conditions that make it HARDER to lose weight, or easier to gain weight, but that is not an excuse to weigh so much. Now if you are happy in your gluttony and you are not impeding my progress, that's fine. The problem begins when you want a handicap sticker, you want to sit next to me on an airplane, or you want me to interview you for a job.

It is your own stupid fault that you are so fat, and allowing you to park CLOSER to the store is just going to make your problem WORSE.

You are too lazy to get enough exercise to burn off all of the McDonald's and other restaurant foods that you eat, but I'm the one who needs to be uncomfortable on a 3 hour flight with your rolls pushing up against me? I have long legs, so I want the damn exit row. You're just fat, you should be in the far back of the plane so you can get more EXERCISE on the way in and out.

So now you want a job. If you're qualified, that's awesome. But if you want to deal with people face to face on a daily basis, don't be a big sweaty nasty blob! Get a job in radio (WBEE Rochester, morning show for example) or behind the scenes if you want to maintain your nasty lifestyle.

Ladies and Gentleman, I'm not the first to say it, but I will say it again: The new miracle diet is for you to put down the damn cheeseburger and go for a walk! Don't run yet, that's too much flab bouncing, and we don't want to see it. Stop reading Cathy cartoons that tell you it's ok to be frumpy and start watching the Biggest Loser that shows you how to change your life.

Start small on your way to being small: Reduce your portion size and get some form of exercise at least 5 days a week. PLEASE, help us be a less fat society. If you have to have a bigger reason, do it for your kids. Fat parents often have fat kids, and even if they aren't fat, they'll be made fun of because you are. Now stop reading this post and go burn some calories!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Playing in the mud

So it's mud slinging time, are you excited? Good thing the Presidential election is a year and a half away. The Democrats have a handful of candidates already, the most notable ones being Hillary "Don't Call Me Bill's Wife" Clinton and Barack Obamination.

Neither has a terribly long political career, unless you count 8 years of being First Lady. They are both members of "minority groups" and are waving those flags high. Recently, their race has been all about pointing out flaws in each other. Did you people not learn from the follies of the last election? The more bad things you say about your opponent, the more patching up you have to do after the election (or before it, if you choose the person you've been bashing for months as your running mate).

The Republicans have been noticeably quieter, at least on who their presidential candidates are. This could be due to the fact that they are sorting out who in the current administration is to blame for the corruption and mismanagement of the Iraq debacle. "Hey let's make a list of people who would suck as presidential candidates and blame them for Iraq!"

I know I'm being a bit vague here and I apologize, I will get to the point. This political party system is garbage, the whole election process is flawed for that matter. We need a system where each candidate is their own person, and they can travel the country explaining their views and why one should vote for them. From there we have an election, but what's with this electoral college crap? I know that people in this country can be kinda stupid sometimes (one of these days I'll post my thoughts on stupid people, expect it to be a LONG one), but we certainly don't need another level of bureaucracy in this process.

Here's an idea:
The Internets are pretty amazing these days. Anyone who has the capability to vote certainly should be able to watch a series of campaign speeches and debates either online or on television. Let's bring the issues out in the open and worry less about leaks into the press about people's past or how something that a candidate said can be misinterpreted as slanderous or insulting to a particular group.

Now of course there will be problems, but wouldn't it be better to hear about candidates' stance on the issues instead of all the mudslinging? Sure the press has a right to dig, but that's a whole different blog. Remember Dragnet? "Just the facts, ma'am." Let's make elections that way.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


Wow, I hate the NCAA.
I love sports, and I loved college, and I love college sports. However, the NCAA is really starting to piss me off. Clarkson, my alma mater, was here in Rochester this weekend for the NCAA Hockey Regionals. I'm psyched, because I am a hockey fan, and I know this will bring a bunch of people to Rochester who I don't get to see too often. That said, this weekend pissed me off.

First, they were only selling weekend passes to the games up until this week. Alright, get a little more money out of people, but give them a "deal". Some fucking deal, the tickets were $71 a person. For that you get 3 games, but they know damn well that you're going to go to a maximum of two because that's the most your team can be a part of.
I'll give them the benefit of the doubt though...3 games for $71. Quick math gives tells me that's over $23 dollars per game. Now I know what many of you are thinking, Super Bowl tickets are like 10 times that. Yes, BUT-that's a professional sport with paid athletes and an over-hyped, over-wardrobe-malfunctioned halftime show. I'm talking about a COLLEGE game. So you're charging me $23 a seat per game, and then we find out that when our team loses, they have to get on the bus that night and go back home because the NCAA is not paying for rooms for losers. This seems to break two rules of "fair play": You are kicking people out for losing, because you only like winners, and you're not allowing that losing team to watch the next game and be show their good sportsmanship by cheering on other teams. I want my $71 back. OK my $142 back, because my wife went too. OK my $150 back because of some ticket master "handling" fees....but that's another blog in itself.

I will give you think, I'm running on 2.5 hours of sleep and my alma mater fell to a lower seeded school last night, so I may not be completely coherent. The fact remains that the NCAA really pisses me off, and is way too focused on making money and not nearly enough on the spirit of the game. We wonder why we get spoiled brats in professional sports? It all starts in the NC$$.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mexico can solve their own problems

So our esteemed (I use that term loosely, a la Coach Crandall) Mr. Bush has completed his tour of the countries south of us. I refuse to use to term Latin America because that's just a stupid name.So Mr. Bush, at least in words if not in actions, is giving sympathy and support in light of the needs of these struggling countries. Are you serious douchebag? Are you trying to make peace with your demons before you leave office? Here's the deal: Those countries are poor. That sucks for them. Mexico, of all countries, has no reason to bitch. Our city of Rochester is bleeding out the ass because of Mexico's cheap labor. Companies like Kodak have sent THOUSANDS of jobs there because it's chaper to do business there. And it's our fault that they're poor? That just makes no fucking sense. Get your stupid coke sniffing, fat-white-conservative-butt kissing ass back in the country and start focusing on our problems.We import way more than we export, we pollute way more than we clean, and we eat way more than we exercise. Address those things, Mr. President, then you can tell me how badly we should feel for the rest of the world.