Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Back with a vengeance...Another interactive blog

So on my way home Monday night, it was rainy and darker than usual for 7:15 pm. So I started counting.In my 16 minute ride home, I counted 13 cars without their headlights on and one person wearing all black, walking with traffic instead of against. This annoys me. Granted, New York State has way too many laws, but the headlights on while using windshield wipers is a good one. There were definitely some cars I didn't see right away, and could have potentially caused problems. So once again, I make a lists of things to watch out for. I'll be (mildly) less obnoxious about it this time, but here are a list of things that really annoy me on the road and many times cause me to react. Sure, you may not have caused an accident by doing it, but had I already been in a dangerous situation, you could have been putting us over the top.1) Rain safety: Turn your headlights on, I can see you easier. Drop your speed a couple MPH, but I will have to slam on the brakes if you are going 15 mph under. Cautious is good, overcautious is DANGEROUS. Also, AWD gives you traction, but has no bearing on how fast you stop. Mercedes SUV drivers, back the fuck off.2) Lane changing: I don't care how many cars are around you, use your signal. The more I know about what the cars around me are doing, the better I can drive. Think ahead, change lanes before you are cutting people off to get where you need to go. Your emergency should not be my headache. Which leads into...3) Construction zones: You know a lane is going to end soon. We all want to get where we are going, so please don't feel that you are important enough to fly by in the closing lane and cut in at the last minute. Please also to not expect me to let you in just because your lane is ending all of a sudden. You could have made the decision a half mile ago when the signs told you that the lane was ending.4) Left lane usage: I have had an argument with at least one person reading this about this one. KEEP RIGHT EXCEPT TO FUCKING PASS. You do NOT have a right to be in the left lane, that's what the RIGHT lane is for. The left lane is the bonus lane. Do your business and get the hell back out. NOW. Also, if the car in front of you is cruising at 65 and your cruise is set at 66, either use some gas to pass them or back the cruise off and draft. No highway pass should take 5 minutes, and I work at a tractor-trailer school. Even our guys are quick and to the point about it.5) Phone usage: Another thing that has a law on the books in NYS. However, I believe that if you can be trusted to use your phone in the car responsibly, do so...but if I see you weaving and varying speak dramatically, I have every right to flip you off and yell at you. Maybe that's a good use for old cell phones, throw them at the people who drive retarded because they are on the phone.OK, that's my top 5, with more to be added I'm sure. This is a dynamic model, so PLEASE add yours as well. Who knows, I could be doing something stupid that I don't know until you point it out. I'm sure someone on here will learn something.

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MCO said...

Maybe your ADD is contagious, but there is no effing way I can read this without paragraph breaks.

You can not be the blogosphere's e. e. cummings. The waiting list is already 1,472,901 names long for that title.